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Erin-Sophia Cinereus By Anonymousblank by Jonarus-Drakus Erin-Sophia Cinereus By Anonymousblank :iconjonarus-drakus:Jonarus-Drakus 16 20 Cadicia Cinereus By Nakama Raibor by Jonarus-Drakus Cadicia Cinereus By Nakama Raibor :iconjonarus-drakus:Jonarus-Drakus 14 1
Ilfbenhar Fact-sheet
“No leader has ever become great without Audacity…”
NAME: Ilfbenhar Sølvtung
- Ilfbenhar is derived from the Norwegian words ‘Elfenbein har’, meaning ‘Ivory Hair’.
- Sølvtung is a derivation of “sølv-tungen” which is Norwegian for “Silver-tongued”
SYMBOL: A runic depiction of a set of scales where the central pillar is replaced by an up-pointing sword, all enclosed by a circle. ((This is the runic symbol of the Norse God of Justice - Forseti))
"Ilfben" - Just a 'short form' of his first name, but only used by those close to him (his family, his former team-mates and their families, etc). Sometimes shortened further in a mock-derogatory fashion to "Ilfy" - but only rarely (Unless you're close enough to know for sure, don't even THINK it around him - His reaction tends to be harsh).
:iconjonarus-drakus:Jonarus-Drakus 0 1
Shawani Fact-sheet
“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance with the rain…”
NAME: Shawani Dhahbi -
- Shawani (Shahwani) is Arabic, and has the meaning ‘sensual’. It conveys an image of various tones of pinks and reds.
- ‘Dhahbi’ is an Arabic word meaning ‘Golden’.
SYMBOL: A silhouette of a belly-dancer backed by a crescent moon.
“Golden Saint” -
“Wind-dancer” -
​RACE & GENDER: ​Human Female
​COLOUR(s): Lavender, Gold, Rose-red.
AGE: 38 HEIGHT: 5’5”
INSPIRATION: Hathor, Egyptian Goddess of Joy, Love, Beauty, Music
:iconjonarus-drakus:Jonarus-Drakus 1 2
Coyote Fact-sheet
“Every Artist was first an Amateur…
NAME: Coyote Sangue -
- Coyote is derived from the animal part of his (Faunus) heritage, which comes from the species of wild-dogs native to central and northern America. In colour terms, it refers to the colours of an actual Coyote’s fur, which can vary from greys and tans, to browns and reds.
- Sangue is Portuguese for ‘Blood Red’.
- Taken together his full name could be simplified down to ‘red dog’ - which happens to be his nick-name.
SYMBOL: A depiction of a Coyote howling in front of a full moon.
NICK-NAMES: “Red Dog” - An (over)simplification of the meaning of his full name.
​RACE & GENDER: ​Faunus
:iconjonarus-drakus:Jonarus-Drakus 0 6
Cadicia Fact-sheet
Nothing in nature lives solely for itself…”
NAME: ​​Cadicia Cinereus (ne Verdant)
- Cadicia is derived from the Latin ‘Caduceus’, the golden staff that was the ‘badge of office’ of the messenger God Mercury (Or Hermes for the Hellenic-Greek version). The colour reference is in the colour of the staff, Gold.
- Cinereus is a Roman-Latin word meaning ‘Ash Grey’
- (Maiden name) Verdant: Derived from the Spanish word for ‘Green’, ‘Verde’. In this case, meaning ‘something that is green in colour’.
SYMBOL: Greco-Roman ‘Caduceus’:
“Shadow of the Forest” - From an early age, Cadicia had a reputation for going for long
:iconjonarus-drakus:Jonarus-Drakus 2 10
The Many distractions of Bretta Concilia by Jonarus-Drakus
Mature content
The Many distractions of Bretta Concilia :iconjonarus-drakus:Jonarus-Drakus 6 17
FromTheAshes by Jonarus-Drakus FromTheAshes :iconjonarus-drakus:Jonarus-Drakus 5 3
Rakella Ignis
                 ”I survive because the fire inside burns brighter than the flames around me…”
NAME: Rakella Ignis -
- 'Ignis' is a Latin term that references fire (and the light given off by fire).
NICK-NAMES: "Firefox", "Daughter of Flames", "The Light in the Dark"
RACE & GENDER: Fox-Faunus (extra ears), Female.
COLOUR(s): Yellow, Red, Orange
SYMBOL: A stylized 'flaming fox-head'.
AGE: 18 (just) - first year HEIGHT: 5’9”
INSPIRATION: Fortuna - Roman Goddess of luck (both good and bad) - said to be capricious. -
TEAM ROLE: Short-range/AoE DPS-Caster.
WEAPON(s): "Ragnarok" & "Novissima" - Refered to as "The End Times" as a pair.
A pair of high-caliber "pepperbox" revolvers that utilize fire-dust enhanced ammo. Both pistols also
:iconjonarus-drakus:Jonarus-Drakus 1 3
Bretta Concilia
“There is no greater loss, than the loss of Knowledge…”
NAME: Bretta Concilia -
- Named in reference to the Latin 'Concilium' Dyes, made from shellfish.
NICK-NAMES: "The Water of Life", "Daughter of the Sea"
RACE & GENDER: Human Female.
COLOUR(s): Light-blue, Purple, Dark-blue - the colours associated with the dyes from which she derives her name.
SYMBOL: A stylized shell
AGE: 17 - first year HEIGHT: 5’4”
INSPIRATION: Minerva - Major Roman Goddess of, amongst other things: Wisdom, medicine, weaving, and strategy (Referencing Bretta’s love of books, and the fact that she’s the ‘team healer’) -
TEAM ROLE: Healer, ranged support DPS.
WEAPON(s): "Gelus Duplex" ("Cold Double") - A matching pair of Shotgun-Tonfa that can be joined together to make a short 'qu
:iconjonarus-drakus:Jonarus-Drakus 2 3
Markus Sienna
   “All of life is like a fight, you’re not defeated when you get knocked down, but when you refuse to get back up…”
NAME: Markus Sienna -
- ‘Markus’ is a common Latin name, and one of many derived from the Roman God of War “Mars” (Who is also Markus’ inspiration). Red is the colour most commonly associated with Mars in is role as 'War God'.
- 'Sienna' comes from the Italian city that is known for being the original source of the mineral pigment used to make 'burnt sienna' colour paint.
"The Mirror" - A nickname earned as a result of his semblance-derived ability to ‘reflect’ damage back at his attackers.
"Son of the Soil" - The Sienna family is known for being a major produce of mineral-pigment based paints, and it owns numerous quarries to provide its factories with raw materials as a result. That the fam
:iconjonarus-drakus:Jonarus-Drakus 1 4
Erin-Sophia Cinereus
                                   “The Darkness cannot see within itself, so in the shadows I wait…”
NAME: Erin-Sophia Cinereus -
- Erin is derived from the name of a small island nation long since lost to history, apparently it had the meaning of 'Island of Emeralds' or the like, giving the colour connection of green ((Ireland in real-world terms)).
- Sophia was the name of Erin's Great-Grandmother on her father's side, she was a 'Huntress' of sorts during the 'Great War'.
- Cinereus is a Latin word, meaning 'Grey', 'Ash Grey' in particular.
"E's" - Short form of Erin-Sophia (E-S), First used after the formation of team EMBR by Rakella, and regularly used by same ever since, much to Erin's annoyance.
"Maiden of Ash" - Derived primarily from her f
:iconjonarus-drakus:Jonarus-Drakus 4 16
Timberwolf 3d by Jonarus-Drakus Timberwolf 3d :iconjonarus-drakus:Jonarus-Drakus 4 0 Shawani Dhahbi by Jonarus-Drakus Shawani Dhahbi :iconjonarus-drakus:Jonarus-Drakus 11 0 'Raffinert Renser' ('Refined Purifier') by Jonarus-Drakus 'Raffinert Renser' ('Refined Purifier') :iconjonarus-drakus:Jonarus-Drakus 14 1 Coyote Sangue by Jonarus-Drakus Coyote Sangue :iconjonarus-drakus:Jonarus-Drakus 3 5


Regynt Richelle - RWBY OC Fanart by Nakama-Kai Regynt Richelle - RWBY OC Fanart :iconnakama-kai:Nakama-Kai 37 6 Erin Sophia Cinereus  -RWBY OC Commission by Nakama-Kai Erin Sophia Cinereus -RWBY OC Commission :iconnakama-kai:Nakama-Kai 45 5 Markus Sienna - RWBY OC Commission by Nakama-Kai Markus Sienna - RWBY OC Commission :iconnakama-kai:Nakama-Kai 30 2 RWBY OC Commission - Rakella Ignis by Nakama-Kai RWBY OC Commission - Rakella Ignis :iconnakama-kai:Nakama-Kai 29 1 Stray Fox - Chapter 1 by Nakama-Kai Stray Fox - Chapter 1 :iconnakama-kai:Nakama-Kai 17 3 Dakimakura: Magenta Rachnera by AnonymousBlank Dakimakura: Magenta Rachnera :iconanonymousblank:AnonymousBlank 92 42 Bretta Concilia - RWBY OC Commission by Nakama-Kai Bretta Concilia - RWBY OC Commission :iconnakama-kai:Nakama-Kai 35 13 Dakimakura: Verdell Hydra by AnonymousBlank Dakimakura: Verdell Hydra :iconanonymousblank:AnonymousBlank 123 40 RWBY - Stray Fox - Pg35 by Nakama-Kai RWBY - Stray Fox - Pg35 :iconnakama-kai:Nakama-Kai 12 23 RWBY - Beer Time by Nakama-Kai RWBY - Beer Time :iconnakama-kai:Nakama-Kai 37 17 RWBY OC Commission: Erin Sophia Cinereus by AnonymousBlank RWBY OC Commission: Erin Sophia Cinereus :iconanonymousblank:AnonymousBlank 83 5 RWBY OC Commission - Cadicia Cinereus by Nakama-Kai RWBY OC Commission - Cadicia Cinereus :iconnakama-kai:Nakama-Kai 39 4 Erin-Sophia Cinereus Reference by Bushtuckapenguin Erin-Sophia Cinereus Reference :iconbushtuckapenguin:Bushtuckapenguin 6 2 Book of VENM V1 C1 Page 01 by AnonymousBlank Book of VENM V1 C1 Page 01 :iconanonymousblank:AnonymousBlank 23 5 Team VENM: Magenta Rachnera by AnonymousBlank Team VENM: Magenta Rachnera :iconanonymousblank:AnonymousBlank 296 98 Team VENM: Verdell Hydra by AnonymousBlank Team VENM: Verdell Hydra :iconanonymousblank:AnonymousBlank 255 110


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Ben Johnsen
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Oh man... where to start!

If i had to describe myself i would say that I am 1/3 'goth', 1/3 'Rev head', and 1/3 'Computer Nerd' (gamer).

You know, that actually sums it up pretty well i think! :3

Current Residence: Victoria/Australia
Favourite genre of music: Metal/alternative Rock
Favourite style of art: Manga
Operating System: Win 8.1 (64)
Favourite cartoon character: Revy "two hands"


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Hey, Jonarus can I use team EMBR in a possible RWBY fanfic I might write
Jonarus-Drakus Featured By Owner May 29, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
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And of course, if you go ahead with this, be sure to let me know about the results!

LEGOboy130 Featured By Owner May 29, 2017
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