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Zuba and Khari Finished by Shellfish-Queen

I like this scene, it conveys the friendship between the two characters in a fun, playful manner! Your grasp of depicting motion far ou...

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WiP 001 - The Commandant by Jonarus-Drakus
WiP 001 - The Commandant
Just a placeholder so I can share and get feedback. Character is still very much 'in progress'.

Shawani Dhahbi by Jonarus-Drakus
Shawani Dhahbi
'Shawani' is a derivation of an Arabic word for 'Sensual'
'Dhahbi' is an Arabic word meaning 'Golden'

SYMBOL: A silhouette of a belly-dancer backed by a crescent moon. (located on the broach that holds her patterned waist-cloak in place)
“Golden Saint”, “Wind-dancer”

​RACE & GENDER: ​Human Female

​COLOUR(s): Lavender, Gold, Rose-red.

AGE: 37 HEIGHT: 5’5”

INSPIRATION: Hathor, Egyptian Goddess of Joy, Love, Beauty, Music and Dancing:

TEAM ROLE: Melee DPS/CC (Formerly ICCS)

WEAPON: “Wind-scar Scimitar” -…
- A single-handed Scimitar type sword infused with wind dust allowing for ‘wind shockwave’ type ranged-AoE attacks.

EXTRA EQUIPMENT: Shawani’s dancing attire leave little room to store extra gear. The only items of note are the armoured ‘sleeve’ covering her left arm, and the 'wind chime' looking objects haning from the broach on her left hip - They are actually dust canisters designed specifically to be used with Shawani's weapon.

SEMBLANCE: “Chorus of Golden Wings”

- Shawani can ‘summon’ a flock of small sparrow-like birds. These summonings appear to be made of golden light and are completely incorporeal in nature unable to harm anything, but completely immune to harm themselves. Shawani can ‘direct’ the flock to swarm a target of her choosing, the little birds get in the targets face, chirp incessantly, and generally make a nuisance of themselves, distracting the target. Shawani can direct the flock to distract multiple targets at once, but the more targets there are, the less effective the ability is.


PHYSICAL APPEARANCE NOTES: Green eyed and blond haired, with the slim, curvy figure of a life-long dancer.

PERSONALITY: Sensual, sensitive, sociable, motherly/protective.

​FAVORITE FOOD/DRINK: Fatta soup and Basbousa (cake), Qasab (Sugarcane Juice).

HOBBIES: Dancing, choreography, music, painting, socializing.

((All textures were sourced via google image-search))

"RWBY" is owned by Roosterteeth and you can watch the whole series on their website:
'Shawani Dhahbi', and the 'Windscar Scimitar' are otherwise wholly my own creations.


'Raffinert Renser' ('Refined Purifier') by Jonarus-Drakus
'Raffinert Renser' ('Refined Purifier')
"Raffinert Renser" (Norwegian for "Refined Purifier")

As much as I wish I could claim this as my own, I can't... Sure, I did the design myself (…), but the full 3D model, complete with animated transformation, is the work of the one-and-only , so all credit to him. He is now open for commissions as well! So hurry up and get yourself on his list before he gets swamped (as he thoroughly deserves to be in my opinion)!

Watch it transform (to music :P ) here:…

Thanks again Denalcc!

"RWBY" is owned by Roosterteeth and you can watch the whole series on their website:
3D art and annimation by:
The 'Raffinert Renser', and it's owner (tba) 'Ingvar Solvtung' are otherwise wholly my own creations.

Coyote Sangue by Jonarus-Drakus
Coyote Sangue
The first finished depiction of the first member of a NEW OC-team! Coyote!

NAME: Coyote Sangue
- Sangue is Portuguese for ‘Blood Red’.

SYMBOL: A depiction of a Coyote howling in front of a full moon.

​RACE & GENDER: ​Faunus (Coyote) Male
​COLOUR(s): Deep Red, tan, green.

AGE: 39 HEIGHT: 6’9”

INSPIRATION: Huehuecoyotl, Aztec god of music, dance, mischief and song:…

TEAM ROLE: Melee Tank (Formerly ICCS)

WEAPON: “-placeholder-”

- A heavy ‘boom-box’ style sound-system that transforms into a huge double-handed sonic-sledgehammer, inspired by:…

EXTRA EQUIPMENT: Coyote doesn’t travel beyond the City of Vale anymore, and thus has little use for carrying about large amounts of extra gear.

SEMBLANCE: “Howl at the Moon”

- Sonic shockwave attack with a twist. The twist being that the effect it has is dependent on who is affected. Grimm creatures suffer direct damage as the sound-waves literally bludgeon them. Human enemies (people Coyote views negatively) suffer knock-back and are often stunned to the point of unconsciousness (depending on their skill level - It’s less effective against people with Huntsman training than it is street-thugs). Allies (anyone Coyote views positively) receive what can only be described as an ‘energy boost’ akin to a burst of Adrenalin.
This makes his ability an effective multi-role ‘Warcry’ type ability. 

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE NOTES: Yellow eyes and very dark red-black hair, and is built like a Pro wrestler.

PERSONALITY: Happy-go-luck, playful/joking, quick to anger but also quick to calm, supportive of others. ‘Chaotic Good’.

​FAVORITE FOOD/DRINK: BBQ-ed meats, anything alcoholic (beer).

 HOBBIES: Creating music, performing/socializing, Women.

Gunblade FinalCombo by Jonarus-Drakus
Gunblade FinalCombo
Just another WiP for a design for a friend. The pistol image is final, waiting on his confirmation for the sword mode(s)... Hence the fact that it's stashed here rather than displayed properly...

Well, I've been talking about it in various forums for a very long time... My comic project!

Well, now its not all just fluff milling about in my brain. Yep, I have now made use of that long set-aside sub-gallery. There is only a couple of character concept pieces there for now, but one of them IS my comic's "title" character.

Now, I will go into more detail about the 'worldsetting' and themes/styles/etc in the fullness of time, but for now I'm keeping most of that stuff under wraps for now. To start with, I'm just looking for a bit of feedback on the images I have already posted, and the lack of prior explinations will hopefully result in feedback that is far more 'pure' in nuture, less biased...

So yeah... Let me have it! How do they look? what sort of comic do they look like they'd be from?
Go nuts! (within reason anyway, pure spam is a waste of everyones time. Keep any critisim constructive and everything will be fine).



Ben Johnsen
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Oh man... where to start!

If i had to describe myself i would say that I am 1/3 'goth', 1/3 'Rev head', and 1/3 'Computer Nerd' (gamer).

You know, that actually sums it up pretty well i think! :3

Current Residence: Victoria/Australia
Favourite genre of music: Metal/alternative Rock
Favourite style of art: Manga
Operating System: Win 8.1 (64)
Favourite cartoon character: Revy "two hands"

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